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Hoping to bring hours of fun to kids, adults and everyone in between, Dr. Alfred Ricks Jr., is now offering a game of his own invention,


Most Popular Family Game 2022
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Dr. Ricks grew up in La Porte and this is where the backyard game was developed many years ago.


He eventually moved to West Columbia and pursued his career as a medical doctor at a private practice in Angleton.


Today, with the help of his family, he now is able to devote the time necessary into making this game successful. 


The idea of PortBall is that the players take turns bouncing a series of three colored balls into the port, scoring different amounts of points depending on which color ball is used and how many times it bounces.


It can be played leisurely or as a serious competition and with or without multiple players.


Be sure to visit our Tournament Page for information on participating in an upcoming tournament.


Ten Reasons Your Children Should Be Playing Portball
(and why YOU should also be playing)

1 Physical Activity
Get your children away from the smartphone and computer. Get them outside and active. Children and adults love to play this game and it gets them active.

2 Brain Stimulation and Learning
Consciously or unconsciously calculating angles and forces to successfully bounce the ball into the port. Learning the difference between results of 1 bounce or 2 bounces or more bounces.
Visuospatial ability is your ability to recognize and remember objects and the relations between those objects. This skill is needed in driving, reading a map, navigating around a city, mathematics, natural sciences, engineering, meteorology, and architecture.

3 Competition
playing and competing with others including younger or older players helps in all areas of life.

4 Accomplishment
Bouncing the ball into the port gets them on the road of “I Can Do It” which will be essential in future areas of life. School grades, riding a bike, sports, playing instruments, and MORE.

5 Solitary or Group Play
Learning how to do things alone and how to do things with other is important in life. 

6 Math Skills
Learning math which is needed when playing Portball for points and Improving math skills.

7 Perserverance
Portball may require you to keep trying to complete the goal of bouncing the ball into the port which means it builds up your perseverance,

8 improves problem-solving skills and logic
Portball requires planning, strategic thinking and using logic to successfully bounce the ball into the port.

9 Increased hand-to-eye coordination.
These skills are key for bike riding, typing, and activities that require you to coordinate the movement of your hands with the movement of your eyes.

10 Enhanced Prosocial Behaviors
Portball involves cooperating with other players and talking with them which improves the ability to work with other people and have better social interactions

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